First Deposit Bonuses Overview

Some online casinos offer their players a first deposit bonus in order to get them to play at their casino. A first deposit bonus means that online casinos will match the amount that a player deposits into their online account.

First Time Bonus Rules

A first time bonus will usually have a limit of around $200. Some players have been misled with this information in the past because they did not read the fine print. A first deposit bonus is not always easy to cash out since a wagering requirement is usually put in place. Players cannot withdraw the bonuses until they deposit a certain amount of money. NoWagerNoDeposit has everything you should know about wagering requirements and tips on how to beat the casino wagering, including what is the easiest way to do that.

First Deposit Bonus Example

For example, if a player deposits $100 into their account, the first deposit bonus would be for $100. However, the player is not able to use that money until they have put in the required amount, which could range from five to 10 times the initial amount. Chumba Casino has an outstanding welcome package for new players, ideal for beginners. The lowest deposit requirements and many extra bonus rewards await you if you choose to play on Chumba Casino.

First Deposit Bonus Misconceptions

Another misconception for first deposit bonus is that they come in the form of cash. Usually, the bonuses will be available to players in the form of points or for further use in the online casino. Again, the players cannot access this extra income until they have reached the wagering requirement.

Read the Fine Print

Online casino players must first read the fine print before depositing any money so they do not lose their deposit or are forced to put more money than they are willing into the online casino. This fine print may also stipulate which games are eligible for play with deposit bonus money and which are not.

A first time bonus sounds like a great deal, but it does come with some rules and regulations. Before committing to any online casino, read through the Terms and Conditions page first.