Get the Most from a Cash Bonus

A cash bonus is money that a casino offers players to entice them to play their games. However, these cash bonuses usually come with a few stipulations.

Cash Bonus Rules

When dealing with a cash bonus, online casinos have rules about when players can withdraw the funds. In order to receive the cash bonus, some casinos create wagering requirements. This means that players must wager a certain amount before withdrawing their cash bonus.

Bonuses and Certain Games

Certain games are eligible for players to receive bonuses while others are not. Blackjack, craps and roulette are games that some online casinos deem ineligible for bonuses. Other casinos will allow players to take the cash bonus from blackjack, but the player must wager a high amount first.

Cash Bonus Strategies

Online players can use wagering strategies to get the most from their cash bonuses. For those who are only starting out on online casinos, a smaller wager of five credits per play is less risky. However, experienced casino players can make 'sticky' wagers in which they bet their entire bankroll on one hand.

Keep Accurate Records

The 'sticky' wager is the riskiest move of them all and players could lose all of their money. Players who wish to enroll in more than one online casino need to keep accurate records of the cash bonus amounts and eligible games played.

Casinos that offer cash bonuses usually have a set of rules that players must follow before they can withdraw the funds. Some casinos only allow cash bonuses to be given after playing certain games or wagering a set amount.