The Best Online Slots Bonus Games

Online slots and bonus games are almost synonymous in today's most popular online casinos. Bonus games are an exciting way to attract and entertain players, and online slots developers get quite creative with the bonus features they create.

Memory Style Bonus Games

Microgaming uses a memory style, match-three format for a few of their slots games, including the racy Sneak a Peek, Doctor Doctor, and Sneak a Peek Hunky Heroes. In both games, the bonus game is played on a grid where the player clicks a square to reveal clothing symbols beneath it. There are also squares that contain 'sneak peeks' but matching three clothing symbols will earn a payout.

Symbol Matching Bonus Games

Symbol matching is another popular format for online slots bonus games that Microgaming uses as well. Kings of Cash features an exciting bonus game that allows players to select cards in hopes of getting three kings of the same suit. Each suit carries a different payout rate, but the game ends as soon as the player selects three of a kind, making it quite exciting.

Jackpot Bonus Games

Some online slots developers tie their bonus rounds into a progressive jackpot win. Playtech has a series of online slots games with multilevel progressive jackpots in the Marvel Movie Super Hero line. The randomly triggered bonus game must be activated to win a jackpot, and if it is triggered, you're guaranteed one of four jackpot totals. Similar to Kings of Cash, the player must match three logos to determine which amount they win.

As technology continues to advance and competition in the online gambling industry gets even stiffer, more and more exciting variations of online slots bonus games will emerge.